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FISH DIRECTORY ...."Compliments of Purdy’s Fish Market"

PICKEREL (WALLEYE) – The pickerel is one of the finest fish of all. This freshwater fish has clean, white meat with a small flake. The mild, sweet flavour is excellent.

YELLOW PERCH – One of the most important freshwater fish of North America is the Yellow Perch. This wonderful fish has white, mild meat and a fairly delicate texture.
Many refer to it as "Lake Candy".

WHITEFISH – Whitefish is considered one of the best eating freshwater fish there is. Because the fish lives in icy lakes, the meat has a high fat content. The meat is medium-firm with a large flake with a mild flavour that is more like salmon than trout.

LAKE TROUT (CHAR/SPLAKE) – Once prized as the most valuable commercial fish, Lake Trout are the largest of the Trout species. Lake Trout thrive in cold water. This species offers a delicious flesh that can range from a deep orange to an off white. It is rich in oils and partners well with dry rubs. Lake Trout is also beautiful smoked.

STURGEON – Sturgeon has a mild, delicate flavour. The lean flesh is firm and meaty, similar in texture to chicken breast or veal. This high quality fish is prized for it’s caviar and is also delicious smoked.

CATFISH – A popular fish in Southern recipes. The firm white meat of catfish is sturdier than most other white fish. Catfish has a delicate flavour and a small flake.

ATLANTIC SALMON – Atlantic Salmon is only farm-raised and is milder in flavour than its wild salmon relatives. The meat is moderately firm and oily, but not as fatty as that of the king salmon. Salmon is a wonderful fish to prepare in many different ways.

RAINBOW TROUT – Rainbow trout is possibly the best known of the freshwater trout species. This fish cannot be caught commercially, so Rainbow Trout that is retailed, is typically farmed. The meat of Rainbow Trout is delicate and the flake is small. Many feel that this trout has a flavour and texture comparable to Salmon.

COD – There are two types of cod: Atlantic, which is local to the North Atlantic and Pacific, which is local to the North Pacific. Cod has lean, moist meat with a mild, clean flavour. The texture of cod is very delicate, which makes it difficult to grill. Cod’s large, tender flakes make this a lovely white fish to prepare.

GROUPER – Grouper has a mild, but distinct flavour, similar to Orange Roughy, but slightly fishier (cross between bass and halibut). The white meat has a very firm texture and a heavy flake that remains moist. Grouper can be found worldwide in warm waters.

HALIBUT – Very mild and sweet tasting, halibut is popular as steaks and fillets. This sweet-tasting, lean fish has fine-grained dense meat and is flaky and tender, though still firm. Halibut is the largest of the flatfish.

MAHI MAHI – Mahi-Mahi is the Hawaiian name for dolphinfish, however, it is important not to confuse Mahi-Mahi with the mammalian dolphin as it is not related in any way. Mahi has a sweet, mildly pronounced flavour, similar to swordfish. The lean meat is fairly firm in texture, (though not steak-like) and it has large, moist flakes.

SWORDFISH – Sword is a terrific fish to eat! It is moist and flavourful with a slightly sweet taste. This fish has a firm, meaty texture and is rich and juicy.

TILAPIA – Many compare the taste of tilapia, which is a farmed freshwater fish, to catfish. The texture of tilapia is slightly firm and flaky and the flavour is mild and sweet. This is an extremely versatile fish, as it can be prepared many different ways and adapts well to any flavour that is added to it.

SABLEFISH – Also known as "Butterfish", this fish offers up to 50% more Omega-3s per serving than Salmon. Its smooth luxurious texture and rich velvety taste give sablefish a unique palate appeal. Some say it’s the fish version of chocolate!

MONKFISH – Monkfish has been deemed the "Poor Man’s Lobster" due to its firm, succulent, white flesh, however, the taste of Monkfish is quite distinct. It has a mild, unmistakable, delicious, flavour which has brought Monkfish to gourmet status. Monkfish is perfect for sautéing, baking, poaching and for inclusion in a variety of seafood recipes


SOCKEYE – aka: Red Salmon – Has a bright red flesh, with bright silver skin. This species offers a very firm texture and rich flavour, however, it is the "reddist" of the species and the more intense the colour of the flesh, the lower the fat content. Care must be taken when cooking Sockeye Salmon, as it tends to dry out quickly, due to the relatively low fat content

COHO/SILVER – This is a favourite of most of the Wild Alaskan Salmon fishermen. The flesh on a Coho Salmon is more orange in colour than that of a Sockeye. This species offers a firm texture and a flavour described by many as "Succulent"

KING SALMON – Is the largest of the Salmon species. King Salmon can weigh upwards of 120lbs. each, however, the average weight is 25lbs. The flesh on a King Salmon is ivory – red in colour. This species offers a real robust flavour

CHUM/KETA SALMON – These salmon are a favourite of people who enjoy smoked fish. The flesh on a Chum Salmon is "reddy" orange to pale red. This species offers a medium textured flesh and a very mild flavour

- When Bill Barker (Wild Alaskan Fisherman from Kodiak Island, Alaska) cooks his Salmon
- he heats it to 120-125 degrees
- lets it rest for 5 minutes
- then he simply enjoys every morsel