Welcome to PURDY’S FISH MARKET one of Southwestern Ontario's finest
hidden gems offering you the finest in Fresh Lake Fish since 1900!


Canoe Restaurant and Purdy Fisheries

Success in our business revolves around the details. I believe that we are and become a reflection of those whom we surround ourselves with. I rely on quality at all costs and accountability from suppliers… I need their knowledge to promote my business.

From the get go, Purdy's, has epitomized those fundamental traits and values.
Getting fish hours old, still in rigor from the greatest waters on the planet, is hard to beat. Purdy's quality is a given, their knowledge is insurance… and the fact that a Family Run business has prospered over the last century in the slippery fish business really says something about the integrity of Purdy Fisheries

Anthony Walsh
Corporate Executive Chef / Partner
Oliver and Bonacini Restaurants

"I moved from London to Sarnia 2 years ago. It is hard to find the quality and variety of foods in I am used to (usually all organic). Thank God I found Purdy Fisheries. Purdy's has the most outstanding fish I have ever eaten! We eat fish 2-3 times per week. Purdy's extensive selection gives me the variety and high standards we need to excel in our sports. Nutrition and health is the most important thing people seem to overlook. What is very exciting for me is this friendly fishery is in my backyard now. Why Eat “Fast Food” when you can eat the ultimate fast food…FISH!!!"

Kathy Ure
Nurse, Gold Medalist Boxer, Triathlete,
3rd level Coach and Official
Personal Trainer

"NAHA is proud to have Whitefish from the Purdy Family Fisheries and the Great Lakes on our menu. We strive to support local family farms and the commitment to excellence by the Purdy Family is exceptional. The Whitefish are handled with flawless attention and that reflects the clean, smooth and wholesome flavor and texture of the fish"...

Carrie Nahabedian
Chef and co-owner of NAHA
(winner of the prestigious James Beard award for "Best Chef - Great Lakes" in 2008 by the James Beard Foundation in New York City)

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